Once you create your password for your CareSend profile account, here are the steps to take to get ready for your onboarding visit:

  1. Inside your profile, go to "Work Settings" and then select "My Procedures". Select the procedures that you are currently and actively performing that you are proficient in.

  2. Shortly after completing your modules, you will receive a notification to choose a convenient date and time to meet with one of our team members for your "Onboarding visit".

  3. You will receive a link that gives you all the details for your onboarding visit, including the name of the team member you will meet with, the address, and all the details. You must click the link and accept the offer/appointment to confirm your onboarding visit.

  4. On the day of your onboarding visit, go into the web app and hit the "Drive" button before you head to meet with your onboarding partner. This is the same way you will use the web app feature when you receive your patient information and head out for patient appointments.

  5. When you arrive at your onboarding partner's location, remember to hit the "I've arrived" button. Just go to the door and knock as your onboarding partner will be waiting for your arrival.

  6. During that 1 hour visit, your onboarding partner will go over our web app, how you will receive patient information for appointments, and our supply kits. You will also go over our requisition form and how you will receive supplies, as well as how you will be paid for your onboarding visit and patient appointments.

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